INGENIO Material Preheating - passive

INGENIO Material Pre-Heating passive

Reduction of operating costs in plastics processing by utilization of waste heat for resin pre-heating

The INGENIO material pre-heaters are modular waste-heat utilization concepts for the plastics processing industry. In many cases, warm/hot exhaust heat or water from different production areas can be suitable to heat up plastic resin prior to processing it in the extruder. 

By pre-heating the material, the extruder has to overcome a much lower enthalpy difference to melt the resin for processing. Exhaust heat which until now was vented to the environment unused, can now be utilized to decrease the electric power consumption of the extruder and thus safe energy costs.

The usage of a passive dry bulk heat-exchanger like INGENIO passive becomes lucrative when the temprature level of the available heat is higher 60°C and the thermal energy stored therein is at least 50kW. Amortization times of such systems are usually less than two years.

INGENIO passiv - Solex



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