autoCHILL Automated Cooling Section

autoCHILL Automated Cooling Section

Automation of Cooling Section Parameterization

Parametrization of a cooling section has a big influence on productivity and energy consumption of an extrusion line and especially on the quality of the produced products. The optimization of operating of the cooling section is often neglegted in most production sites. Neither the thermostatic vlaves nor the circulating pumps at the cooling tanks are set up for a specific product. This actual situation often leads to production of waste, less productivity and product quality and considerably higher production costs (energy costs).

autoCHILL cooling section automation enables controlling and setting of temperatures of cooling water in each cooling section from a central position. The ideal temperatures for each cooling section and any product can be determined using chillWARE. This can previously prevent problems like formation of residual stresses, inaccurate dimensions, sagging or incursion of pipe edges after cutting. Another important aspect is the automated switching off of circulating pumps in case they are not needed, what significantly reduces energy costs.

autoCHILL automated cooling section is fully integrated into the production system WPS 3.0 of company Hans WEBER Maschinenfabrik, Kronach, Germany.

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