Status – 22.09.2022

– Operating within normal parameters

Known Issues and Workarounds

– actual version: none

– in versions earlier than 2.9 in rare cases there can occur performance issues, e.g. low system RAM, please contact our support for an upgrade

– data export with very large files sometimes does not work properly, please contact our support for an upgrade

Latest Vipra Release Version:

– 3.10.42

(Please contact if you want to request an non-scheduled update/upgrade)

Upcoming Features

– Knowledge Base: Import/Export Function

– Dashboarding: Unified Dashboarding (Dashboards can combine any widgets)

– System Status: Integration of system status information

– DataDealer: Database configuration feature, Cleaning policy

– DataDealer: Export function, asynchronious data export, lage file data export function

Release Notes / Changelog


– Performance enhancement and bug fixes