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for the plastics processing industry

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Aquisition of process data with full compatibility

Integration of any given sensor or actor is possible – even without knowledge of programming languages or need for protracted trainings.

Power monitoring is so yesterday

Aquire not only the consumption of electrical energy, but also that of compressed air, cooling water, nitrogen, process gasses and other energy carriers in your production.

Intuitive automatization without the need of programming

Automate process flows intuitively, simply by linkinh “If… Then…”-rules with scheduled tasks.

Demand-actuated maintenance

Automatically inform your technical department about necessary maintenance work.

Important benefits at a glance

The plusMETER combines the functionality of a power monitoring system, a process data acquisition system as well as that of a process control system in a single device and can replace whole control cabinets because of its integrated load circuit.

Acquisition of all energy carriers

Don’t limit yourself to electrical energy – all energy flows in your facility can be acquired and plotted by one central device.

Transparent production costs

Keep an eye on your profit margin – automatically visualize production costs or communicate them to your ERP system.

Remote maintenance

Avoid engine downtimes by worldwide system access for problem analysis – for authorized personnel only, of course.

Communication of events

Stay up to date, define events and keep being informed automatically either by e-mail or directly per push message on your smartphone.

Automatization of routine tasks

Automate the search for leakages in your pressurized air system or the maintenance of wearing parts – utilize your resources more efficiently.


No production plant is like the other – customize the user interface to your personal needs and position its functions to intuitive places.

Freedom of choice

Don’t bind yourself to a proprietary system – use components from the manufacturers of your choice and enjoy full compatibility.

Don’t just watch – act

Utilize the integrated control and automation functions, monitor production and intervene anytime when necessary.

Good quality for a good price

Convince yourself of the manifold capabilities of our system and its unbeatable cost-benefit ratio.

More than just process data acquisition

Today the digitalization of production processes is deemed one of the most important key factors to retain competitiveness. Keep your flexibility by utilizing plusMETERs many automated evaluation functions. Avoid the mere amassment of saved data, but use our tools for intelligent and automated data evaluation with a special focus for the plastics processing industry.

plusMETER Produktfoto
  • Microcontroller based, universal measure and control system
  • Communication via Ethernet, USB, WLAN
  • Powernet quality analysis and electrical power measurement of up to 6 circuits with 3 phases each
  • Robust, precision-milled aluminium case
  • Data storage on internal SD card and via per datalogger in SQL, CSV format
  • Connection of up to 14 analog sensors or actors (expandable)
  • Connection of up to 30 digital sensors or actors (expandable)
  • Integrated load circuit, fused for loads of up to 20 Ampere
  • Integrated finite state-machine for up to 16 states
  • At least 10 integrated controllers, freely parametrizable (1-point, 2-point, 3-point, PID)
  • Integrated webserver
  • and much more…
Technical Overview
Softwarefunctions - plusWARE Basic Professional Enterprise
Installations (Desktop) unlimited unlimited unlimited
Max. No. of devices 5 15 25
Update peroid 12 months 12 months 12 months
Technical Support unlimited unlimited unlimited
Configuration software User-Level
Configuration software Admin-Level -
Onlinesupport via remote access -
Firmware-Updates -
Data logger
Net-Live-Viewer -
Data analysis -
E-mail functions -
Finite state machine -
Javascript API - -
DOTNet API - -
Load paek management - -
Siemens S7 - interface - -

Please note: When more than 25 plusMETER systems are in use, an individual licensing model for the software is necessary.

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