Authorizations and approvals for funding programs

SHS plus GmbH is an authorized agency for the following funding programs:

  • BAFA experts for air conditioning, refrigeration and sorption machines
    • The German Federal Ministry for the Environment promotes measures for refrigeration and air conditioning systems as part of the National Climate Protection Initiative. This includes both the modernization of old refrigeration systems and the purchase of new ones.
  • BAFA Promotion of cross-cutting technologies – individual measures
    • With its attractive funding conditions, the “Investment grants for the use of highly efficient cross-sectional technologies in SMEs” funding program makes a noticeable contribution to increasing energy efficiency in industry and commerce.
  • Resource efficiency consulting LANUV PIUS-Check NRW
  • Resource Efficiency Consulting EFRE PIUS-Check Hessen-PIUS
    • Identification of existing savings potentials in order to reduce water, energy and resource consumption as well as waste and emissions and thus to produce more efficiently, economically and sustainably.
  • Energy auditor according to the Energy Services Act (EDL-G)
    • Companies that are not small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are required by law to carry out energy audits from 5 December 2015 and to repeat them at least every four years from the date of the first energy audit. These audits must be conducted in an independent and cost-effective manner by qualified or accredited experts.
  • Green Invest – Promotion of energy efficiency measures (consulting and investment) of the Free State of Thuringia
    • The support program Energy Efficiency Measures in Companies aims to enable companies to recognize and utilize potential for energy savings and to promote resource efficiency and sustainability in their operations.