Vipra – Virtual Production Assistance

The Vipra system is a modular software suite for manufacturing companies, primarily from the plastics processing industry.

The Vipra System connects to production systems of various types, accesses their data and stores this data in a superordinate, central database.

This collected data can be viewed, logged, evaluated and processed in Vipra. However, access to this data is not only made possible for original Vipra functions – the so-called Vipra Skills – but the Vipra customer can always freely choose which systems he wants to use in combination with his process data.

For example, algorithms of third parties (e.g. AI system providers, data scientist, measurement technology manufacturers, etc.) can be used within the Vipra software suite, own functions can be developed or MES, ERP, or similar software systems can be connected.

Vipra is open, communicates and does not create barriers.

Vipra is modular and vendor independent.

Vipra opens up possibilities…

System architecture