Consulting services for plastics processors

SHS plus GmbH has been acting as a specialized consultant in plastics processing for more than 10 years and can look back on well over 100 successfully completed projects. We provide support in identifying the causes of problems in production processes, in increasing productivity and plant availability or in digitalizing your production processes.

Typical goals in the cooperation

  • Productivity
  • Product quality
  • Troubleshooting
  • Digital communication (M2M communication)
  • Retrofitting
  • Virtual assistance systems

SHS acts as a consultant but also as an (external) employee. We are on site with you, we are part of your team, we accompany your production, we analyze the situation and we use scientific methods to work out solutions, which we explain to you in detail. Of course we make recommendations and give reasons for them.

For you this does not only result in a solution approach, but you also increase your process know-how and “learn” from our approach and explanations. This way you increase your process understanding and not only get a solution, but also increase your internal know-how.

But of course we also learn from you, because you are the experts of your processes. Your know-how is safe with us and we protect and respect it. Clear non-disclosure agreements are as much a part of our standard as a demonstrably structured and organized handling of data, information and restrictions.

Forms of cooperation

  • Project Cooperation
  • Partner Cooperation

Basically we work with these two different forms of cooperation.

In the case of project cooperation, the collaboration is clearly limited both in terms of content and time. You define the task at hand, we define the necessary measures and the effort required for them.

Typical examples are: Avoidance of beard formation, avoidance of sink marks, avoidance of angel hair, avoidance of sagging, avoidance of record effects, etc.

In partner cooperation, we act like your external employees and work together with you, in a freely definable time allotment, to achieve the goal. Regardless of whether the contingent is defined to a few hours per month or several days per week, our employees are available to you for every conceivable service from our portfolio.

Typical examples are: Digitalization of production, setting up a new production facility, introducing virtual assistance systems for production, etc.

(Of course you have the possibility to terminate the cooperation at any time)

Further Information:

Other typical topics: Surface defects, stippling, blowholes, burns, deposits, glassy areas, inhomogeneous structures, deformations, shrinkage, shrinkage, waviness, roughness, dross formation, sagging, sheet travel, sabre, edge curvature, lamination defects, delaminations, boiling, residual stresses, tempering process optimization, ovality, wall thickness distribution, degrees of crystallization, density differences, etc.

Known processing methods: All plastic processing methods (injection molding, extrusion (pipe, micro pipe, large pipe, profiles, plate, solid rod, hollow rod, foil, etc.), blow molding, compounding, fiber composite, vulcanization, sintering processes, sinter pressing, etc.)

Materials: All plastic materials (thermoplastics, duromers, elastomers, biopolymers, TPE, WPC, foams and FVK materials)