Partnership Cooperation – our experts as your employees


In our premium service package polymerPARTNER, our team of highly qualified (some with doctorates) engineers, electrical technicians, mechatronics engineers, software developers is available to you as a permanent contact partner for any problems you may have.

Many problems are known to us from our experience and can be solved in a short time
Analytical methods and measuring equipment are available to us for detailed data analysis
Highly developed systems for modeling and simulation (e.g. chillWARE®) enable us to achieve a unique level of process transparency
Through us you gain access to our network and our numerous cooperation partners


Contact person in any (technical) question for you and your employees

  • On site
  • by phone
  • By e-mail


As a rule, an overriding goal is defined for the cooperation

  • Objective e.g. increase of the productivity of the production
  • Avoidance of rejects or reduction of the reject rate
  • Establish “readiness” for the implementation of Industry 4.0 scenarios
  • Increase of plant robustness
  • Preventive maintenance, reliability, etc.


The services from the SHS portfolio

  • Troubleshooting projects
  • Engineering services
  • Investment support
  • Planning and execution of practical test series
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Support and auditing of management systems
  • Temporary assumption of management positions
  • Creation of (standard-compliant) documentation
  • Independent identification of high-potential topics
  • Cold and heat demand analysis
  • Measures for
    • Increase in transparency
    • Efficiency increase
    • Scrap minimization
  • Trainings and seminars